Workshop 4h – Brunch

Brunch :  Make your own brunch with your friends from A to Z for 4 people, then devour it with your friends or your family !

Learn how to make:

  • a homemade granola to eat with yoghurt, fruits or milk,
  • a choux pastry dough to make gougères,
  • a French sandwich bread to garnish with ham, comté cheese and savoury cream for luscious croques monsieur (or, for a vegetarian option, with avocado and cream cheese/eggs),
  • soft pancakes to drizzle with maple syrup or homemade spread.

The brunch includes freshly squeezed juice, yoghurt, fresh fruits and all the daily batch we make, we hope you're ready to face it!

*To make the brunch you will be with the chef, your guest can arrive just to eat! As usual in fact !


  • 160€

*Our menu proposes pancakes instead of waffles on the picture.