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You can contact us directly at or at

A question ?

We listed our frequently asked questions here.

Do make gift vouchers ?

Yes we make gift vouchers, we will ask you to pay by bank transfer and we will send you a voucher to print by email.
The person to whom you have offered it will only have to contact us directly at or at

1. What are the « L’Idée Sucrée » workshops ?

They are pastry, chocolate, confectionery, bread, cake design and cooking classes given as convivial workshops. The classes are given at your place.You make all the production steps from A to Z and you leave with your own cake (except for the brunch, that you will be eating right after the workshop).

2. Who can participate to the workshops ?

Everyone can participate, what ever your age or pastry level is, the workshops are adapted so you can replicate the recipes at home. We also propose workshops in couples parent-children.

3. Who teaches the classes ?

The chef leads the pastry workshops. You can contact us directly at or at

4. How much time does the workshop last ?

Usually a workshop lasts 3h, except for the French croissants workshop, that lasts around 5h; and the brunch, that lasts 4h, including the degustation. The timing is always marked in the workshop description. It may vary, though, according to the participants.

5. Can I ask for a private home workshop ?

Of course you can! To do so, you just have to fill out the form at the top of this page.
For the private home workshops there is no minimum number of participants.

6. Can I propose a theme for a class which is not on the site ?

Yes you can. Ask us for a, cost estimation.

7. Is there a displacement fee for the private home workshops ?

No, there isn't. We don't charge the displacement for Bordeaux and nearby cities (up to 30 min from Bordeaux by car).

8. Do i have to bring something with me when I come ?

We take care of everything for the workshops: apron, material, ingredients. If the workshop is not at your place, we also provide the box for your cake. A copy of the daily recipe is supplied for each participant.

9. Can I book a workshop without a credit card ?

You can book without credit card by contacting us directly at or at
The payment will be the day of the workshop before it starts by cash (we don't make change).

10. Can I cancel the booking for a workshop ?

Yes, you can at anytime.

11. What do I need for a private home workshop ?

You only need a built-in oven, a fridge (and a freezer for certain workshops), and a table. We bring all the materiel and the ingredients you will need for the class.

12. Is it possible to organize a class for a particular event (wedding,...) ?

Yes, it surely is. We organize special classes for weddings, christenings, birthday parties for kids/adults, bachelor/bachelorette parties, team building, and much more.

13. I have received a promotional coupon, how can I use it ?

In this case you can tap you promotional code before validating your chart on the site.