Terms of sales


"L’Idée Sucrée" provides cooking lessons to customers who have registered according to the methods described in article 2 below and under the conditions as specified in these general conditions. The client, by registering for the workshops, unconditionally accepts these general conditions. The different formulas and the calendar of the courses are presented on the website of “L’Idée Sucrée”: www.lideesucree.fr 


Registrations can be made by phone or on the website of "L’Idée Sucrée". The elements given by the client during registration must be accurate. "L’Idée Sucrée" may, in the event of incorrect information, cancel the reservation. 


The deposit is the price of a workshop for one person, it allows us to buy the ingredients and prepare the workshop, if it is for several people the rest will be paid the day of the workshop before the start by bank card or in cash. The deposit is not refundable, but, if you cancel a maximum of 72 hours in advance, it can be used as a voucher for a next workshop on the date of your choice, beyond this limit you loose your deposit because the preparations will have been made. The price of the workshop, gift vouchers and subscriptions is what appears on the site www.lideesucree.fr on the day of the order. The prices are expressed in euros including tax. The payment of the course price, gift vouchers and formulas is due from the order. It can be carried out by bank card on the website www.lideesucree.fr. It can also be made by check made out to "L’Idée Sucrée", in accordance with the procedure indicated on the site www.lideesucree.fr .Credit cards issued by banks domiciled outside France must be international credit cards. Checks must be made out in euros and drawn on a bank domiciled in France or Monaco. Gift vouchers and subscription plans are only valid for the course formula listed on the voucher or subscription. The description of the course formulas is defined on the site "L’Idée Sucrée". Gift vouchers and subscription plans are valid for one year from the date on the voucher or subscription. No partial or total refund, modification of the gift voucher formula or subscription will be accepted. Regarding valid formulas and gift vouchers, booking a course can be made on the website www.lideesucree.fr using the reference number given by "L’Idée Sucrée" at the time of order.


“L’Idée Sucrée” remains the owner of the recipes proposed and made during the course. "L’Idée Sucrée" authorizes the representation, reproduction and publication of the recipes made only for exclusively private and non-commercial use. This limited authorization is nevertheless subject to the affixing, on any reproduction medium used, of the words "recipe property of L’Idée Sucrée ". 


The workshops given imply full participation of the client. The latter agrees to be vigilant and to submit to the health and safety instructions given to him during the course. The customer is responsible for having at least one built-in oven, a fridge and a table in the kitchen for the smooth running of the chosen workshop. "L’Idée Sucrée" can in no way be held responsible for the results obtained from the customer when reproducing a recipe or consuming it outside the classroom. The client acknowledges that "L’Idée Sucrée" cannot be held responsible for damage caused to the client's person, property or personal effects during lessons and the client acknowledges that he has all the necessary insurance. The "L’Idée Sucrée" can in no way be held responsible for any damage that may result from the consumption of dishes prepared in a workshop and consumed outside of it. 


The client accepts the workshop modifications and adjustments to an initially proposed course, which may be necessary and which are due to market supply issues. "L’Idée Sucrée" can not be held responsible in this case and will offer an equivalent alternative course. "L’Idée Sucrée" reserves the right to cancel a scheduled workshop (by informing the client as soon as possible), when the minimum of three participants is not reached. This course will be postponed and "L’Idée Sucrée" will then propose a new date in agreement with the client. The postponement of a workshop by a participant can only be taken into account on condition that the course participant notifies "L’Idée Sucrée" by e-mail or by post (postmarked) at least 8 days before at the start of the training. In the absence of respect for this formalism, "L’Idée Sucrée" cannot accept the postponement of the training. The workshop participant can only postpone their course once.


These general conditions of sale are subject to French law. In the absence of an amicable solution, the client and "L’Idée Sucrée" agree to attribute jurisdiction to the Commercial Court in whose jurisdiction the company's headquarters are established for any dispute that may arise in the context of their relations .